Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We love The Texas Rangers and their wives!!

On July 7th Rachel Eyre wife of Willie Eyre with the Texas Rangers is having a fabric cutting night for Heartfelt Couture. She has gotten some of the other players wives to get involved and make hospital gowns for us to deliver!! I am just so excited that this is reaching levels far beyond what I thought was possible. Rachel has been instrumental in getting this together so quickly! I am so glad God has put her in our path!!! Please pray that their time together on the 7th will be stretched and they can get as much done as possible!!! I know they will have a great time as the cutting nights are always so fun!!! Rachel, Thank you again for all your help!!! I am just sad I can't make it!

God's Blessings,


Dana said...

AWESOME!! God works in THE best ways!!

The Eyre Family said...

God really puts us in the right place, doesn't He? I feel so lucky to be helping out! See you tomorrow!

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