Tuesday, June 23, 2009

MANY blessings...

Hello, Everyone! WOW...We are so blessed!
Heartfelt Couture is reaching new people every day! Not only are we meeting new people through the delivery of gowns but also through friends and we have groups of ladies popping up all over the place wanting to help and make gowns! This is such a blessing! What started out as 2 people trying to give back has turned into so much more and we are so happy for that! We love hearing from those who have recieved gowns and will be happy to post any photos or stories you may send us!!!! The one below is PRECIOUS!

We are getting VERY busy and so..............
Keri has now taken charge of all things "Dallas" area and I will be handling the "Houston" area. We have had people show interest in many other areas and even states! How exciting! We are thankful for God opening doors for us to meet others and to ultimately help SO many children have a little joy during a very scary time.

Sarah had her heart cath on June 5th at Texas Children's Hospital. Miss Keri was so nice to make her a pink & brown floral gown that she LOVED and I wanted to post some photos of it for her! Thank you, Miss Keri!!!! She was so excited to get it in the mail!

Her next surgery will be October 6th and will be an open heart surgery. (Fontan Operation)

She is very strong and we know that God has her in His hands. WE are so thankful for her continued healing and for Doctors that He has placed in our lives to take care of her!
My goal is to have enough gowns to deliver during her recovery time in October. This will be a great way to meet other parents in the recovery floor and talk to them and shine a light for God at the same time! What a blessing that will be! Also, while waiting in the waiting room the day of her surgery, we meet parents and this will be a comforting way to give them something they can share with their child after surgery!

Thanks to all of you who are getting involved in Heartfelt Couture! We are so blessed by each of you and will continue to bless others because of you!
Sharon Swan


Nitzia said...

Hi! i just saw about this project on Kelly's blog and i would love to help make these cute gowns for children in hospitals... could you give me more info about it on how to get start it? you can visit my blog to get in touch with me! thanks, nitzia


Erin Whitney said...

Hi! I'd also like to help make some gowns for children in hospitals. My son had to be hospitalized when he was 3 days old, and I'd love to give back in thanks for the care we received. However, I do not live in the Texas area (I'm in Northern California.) I would like to make a few gowns and send them to you, if I could. Please email me with how I can help you out. What a wonderful idea! Thank you!

Erin Whitney

Jamie Lynn said...

Hi! What a wonderful thing you are doing! I saw this on Kelly's blog and I would love to help make gowns. I live in Ohio... can you please email me so I can get some info on how to help or where to find the pattern, etc...- I can even make some for your area and send them to you- Thanks for the chance to make a child smile! :)Have a Blessed day!
Jamie Harris

KingsLittleBlessings said...

How wonderful! I found your site through Kelli's Korner. I have sewn some infant gowns for a local hospital and would like to do more, whether it be infat or child size. Can you send me more info? I'd love to help out and give.
Thanks so much!

Mr and Mrs. Olson said...

Kellys Korner is getting you a lot of awesome helpers ! Including me. My husband and I have 11 nieces and nephews, but no kids of our own just yet. I have fertility issues and we pray for our future children. I feel such a strong connection to families with children, babies, or even expecting mothers who are in the hospital. I have no idea how to sew, but I would love to be a prayer partner or involved in any other way. I live in Oklahoma.

Thank you for being open to the Holy Spirit to direct you.


Sarah R said...

I think this is an awesome idea! I was a patient at Texas Children's many times, and this is just the kind of things kids would love!! I work in the Texas Medical Center right across the street from Texas Children's and would LOVE to help you guys out doing whatever!! Please email me at setanner@gmail.com
So excited!- Sarah

Jenn said...

Hey everyone! I'm also one the newest members of Heartfelt Couture...and I want to say THANKS to everyone volunteering their time and service! I God is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristy Bybee said...

Hi, I'm actually a pediatric resident and I would love to spend some of my spare time making hospital gowns. I see first hand every day what one little cute gown can do for a little one in the hospital. If you could e-mail me at kristybybee@mac.com and let me know how I can help that would be wonderful!

tahnie said...

hi there! i think this is such a great idea! i personally have a blog about child life specialists who help kids deal with the emotional stress of being in the hospital. having cute gowns definitely helps the little ones!

Dana said...

What a wonderful idea!! As the mother of a 14 month old who is and will be in and out of the hospital for many, many years to come, I think this is a special way to take the institutionalization out of the whole process!! We visit Omaha, NE for surgeries and check-ups, as well as our home hospital in Birmingham, AL. I come across many children who would be so helped by this ministry! I would LOVE to have more info on continuing your ministry in my area, as I also have many friends who I know would love to help! If you could, please email me info and patterns! Also, my mother lives in the Houston area and I will mention this to her and I am sure she would love to help sew some to help out, and deliver as well!


The Eyre Family said...

I want to help!! Please email me at: racheleyre27@yahoo.com. I live in Colleyville, TX and love sewing!! I would love to help out your cause. Amazing!

Momof2Hapas said...

Hello. Like so many others, I found your site through Kelly. I would love to help out by sewing for you! Please contact me through my blog at your convenience.

Thanks for your ministry,

Momof2Hapas said...

Hi again,

You can email me at Mom_of_2_hapas@yahoo.com


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