Thursday, June 25, 2009

GOD IS SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Photo of gowns being cut out by Jennifer from Austin!!!

Thank you, Jennifer!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, everyone! This week has just been AWESOME!!!!

Thanks to Jennifer for turning us in to Kelly's Korner Blog!!!

And thanks to Kelly's Korner Blog for writing about us!!!!

We are SOOOOOOOOO thankful and blessed!

We have had NUMEROUS emails, comments, phone calls, etc. this week with women all over the United States wanting to make gowns, get fabric, cut patterns out and mail them to us and donate time and energy to our cause!!! For this, we are so thankful! Thanks to all of you who are emailing us and commenting and encouraging us!

We sometimes find it so hard to believe that this all started just about 8 months ago because my picky little princess didn't want to wear an ugly hospital gown! All because of Keri, who had made my daughter the CUTEST clothes in the past and I called her to see if she could do a hospital gown and because she felt led to make this a mission with women of faith is all of this possible!!!! (For those of you who haven't seen Keri's should DEFINITELY check her out! Her shop is on "vacation" until July 15th...but check her shop on etsy after that! She will kill me for posting that! Oh, well! :P Sorry, Keri!

I am so excited that we are meeting so many new people who want to be involved in our project and so many women from so many places! This is truly uplifting and we know that God is working in our lives to help us reach others in similar situations as Sarah. If you know of a child who needs a gown, please EMAIL US at . We will do our best to get it mailed out quickly!

We know that the blessings will pour upon each of you who are helping in so many ways!

Thank you all so much!

Have a blessed day!

Sharon Swan


Jill said...

My mom is interested in helping with this ministry. Who should she contanct? How does she get started? Her name is Kathy and she can be reached at . Thank you!

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