Monday, August 24, 2009

Rachel Eyre and Andrea Murphy are amazing!!!

Rachel and Andrea have been sewing gowns for a special delivery to Medical City Children's Hospital. Rachel is the wife of Willie Eyre with the Texas Rangers and Andrea is the wife of David Murphy with the Texas Rangers. These ladies have been working overtime to get these gowns ready for our delivery in September. Since the Rangers are in the wild card race this year. WHOHOOO! The wives are going to deliver these gowns with Heartfelt Couture. These amazing women helped cut out all 40 of these gowns. And that in itself is very time consuming. Please pray that God puts us in the path of the children he wants to have these gowns.

I am just so overwhelmed with gratitude to Rachel for doing all of this for HFC that I could cry. I haven't had to do one thing. She organized the cutting night/fabric purchasing/sewing/and has been a liaison between me and the Rangers.

Oh and did I mention she has 3 kids 4 and under?

We are still unsure of the date for delivery but it will be amazing. Cannot wait to see what God has instore for Heartfelt Couture. It is always beyond my imagination. God is so good.
Also if you are reading this and know of a child that will be in need of a hospital gown. Please contact keri in DFW area or Sharon in the Lufkin/Houston area.