Friday, July 24, 2009

Hannah.....keep praying.

Well, Hannah did not end up going home as they planned. She is having some issues that are causing them to keep her and do another procedure tomorrow. She has blood in her stool and they do not know why. Please continue to pray for sweet little Hannah!

HANNAH'S GOING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GREAT news, everyone! Hannah Collie is heading home from the hospital today!!!!! Praise the Lord for this amazing little girl's journey and her getting to go home to get back to normal today!!!!

Her mom and dad posted this photo of her in her hospital gown that Jennifer Bowers made for Heartfelt Couture and sent to Hannah! She even put a little "H" on the heart pocket for Hannah! These photos are worth a million words! This makes everything we do worth it to see precious children snuggled in their cute little hospital gowns!
Thank you, Jennifer for making this adorable gown for Hannah!!! We are so thankful for helpers like you! :)

Praise God for these blessings!!!! Sharon

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Photos, Please! :)

Hello, Heartfelt Friends!

If your child has recieved a gown from us and you would like us to post a photo in our "Hall of Fame" please email them to ! I am also doing a short presentation on Sunday at my church and would LOVE to share photos of your precious children in one of our gowns! We hope you are all doing well and are blessed!

Great news update on Hannah....She is going home this week!!!!!!!!!! They are hoping to be released from the hospital by Friday!!!!!!!!! Praise the LORD!!!!! God is so good!

Love to all!

The Texas Rangers wives are amazing, Again.

I talked with Rachel Eyre(Willie Eyre's wife) this afternoon and her and the other players wives have 40 gowns that are being sewn for Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital! This is the most we have ever taken that hospital and I am SOOO excited. Rachel Eyre is one of the sweetest and amazing people I have ever met. When we first met she was so kind and giving it really put things into perspective and God showed me that he wants this ministry to succeed! Rachel set everything up and did a fabulous job.

I know that all these women have a heart for giving and can't wait to meet them and deliver the gowns. We will also have some of the players come to deliver and the mascot. This ministry has grown faster than I ever thought possible. God is behind Heartfelt Couture all the way!!

If you know of a child that would like a gown and he/she doesn't go to Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital we would love to still make a gown for him/her. Please email us and we would be happy to mail you one.

Also Sharon has been working on our website check it out. It is still under construction!
God's Blessing to you,

"Therefore, since through God's mercy we have this ministry, we do not lose heart."
2 Corinthians 4:1

Monday, July 20, 2009

We have all our photo session times filled.

God is totally with Heartfelt Couture. I can feel him with everything we do! Within 4 days of my first email ,about Sharon doing photo sessions to raise money for our IRS non-profit fee, we have all our sessions filled and raised all $750! I want to thank all my family and friends for signing up and sending out emails to other people. I couldn't have done this without you all! We rely on our family and friends for this ministry and have been blessed by all of you. Every time I get an email from someone thanking us for the gown they received, it makes me so happy that I have family and friends that made this possible.

Next year we will definitely do this again to raise more money for Heartfelt Couture. The IRS fee is a one time fee but we are reaching out to more and more hospitals everyday. Possibly Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville. More on that later.

If you live in the Lufkin area and need a FABULOUS photographer for weddings or portraits. Sharon Swan is the only choice! Or she will travel for weddings I know she has in the past!

Love to all,

Friday, July 17, 2009

A new friend to Heartfelt Couture

Heartfelt Couture's newest friend is a wonderful lady that owns Bessie Mary in Highland Village, TX. She has THE CUTEST shop and donated 3 bolts of fabric to us and will let me buy wholesale through her or she will take me to Moda to buy wholesale from them. This woman is an answer to prayer. In Feb 2010 a new law states that anything made for children under 12 has to be lead tested. The law is very vague and confusing. But there are a few fabric designers that are compliant with the new law and Moda is one of them!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! I am so excited you all have NO IDEA!! I am just giddy! It's all because of this woman with a heart of gold.

You must must must go to her website she has Fabulous gifts, and other amazing finds! She also sells fabric.

Heartfelt Couture has gone beyond any dreams Sharon or I had!!!
Love to all and God's Blessings,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Help Heartfelt Couture raise money for an IRS fee and get your Christmas card pictures done at the same time!!!

Sharon is doing mini-photography sessions in Grapevine, TX on Friday Sept 12th and Saturday Sept 13th. The session is $50 and you get a CD with all the pictures and a signed release to have your pictures printed where ever you desire. All the money made goes to pay a fee to the IRS to that has to be paid by non-profits to be recognized as a non-profit. We have to raise $750. So with Sharon's talent we thought this would be a great opportunity for you to get your Christmas pictures taken and us to raise some money. Also for the first 10 people that sign up get a custom made Christmas card template to be printed where ever you choose.

Sharon is FABULOUS at taking pictures and she is AMAZING at digital design. I am definetly going to have her do our pictures. I already have 6 people interested so book soon to get your Christmas card!!!!
Thanks and God bless
email me at if you are interested in getting a session time!

Monday, July 13, 2009


Update on Miss Hannah!!!! "Hannah is doing great.. Still really weak and intubated but they hope to take her off the vent today. We will have to see. Her kidney function is back to normal and we are waiting on the echo. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. Thanks for the continued prayers keep them up Love to all snowflake Will post later with new stuff." -Amanda Collie

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hannah is doing BETTER!!!!!!

I copied this from Hannah's mom's facebook status this morning!!!! Praise the Lord!!! Yea!

"Hannah is doing so good the dr's are happy. WOW at the difference betwwen yesterday and today as far as the fluid, she is back to her regular size. GOD IS GOOD. They still expect her to be on the vent a few more days and hopefully come off next week sometime. Keep up the prayers ! God hears. Thanks!!!"

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Update on Hannah

Hannah's mom posted this on her status update!!!! Good news! Keep praying!!!!

"The catheter is doing what it is supposed thank you God. It is resting the kidneys and pulling off the fluid. she is more alert than she has been in a week, she is nodding yes and no to things and opening her eyes a lot. She even mouthed I love you today and brought her mommy to tears. Thanks for the prayers please keep them up."

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Hannah is in need a major miracle this morning. She is going into surgery because her kidneys are shutting down and building toxicity in her body. She is in critical condition but they say they are going to put in a pedi catheter to drain some of the fluid off because her. Pray for a miraculous healing of her kidneys that will awe the drs. and for her parents Amanda & Jason.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PRAY FOR HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has a custom hospital gown on the way already, but.....

PLEASE keep this sweet angel in your prayers!

She is 4 years old and had a heart transplant two years ago.
Last week her body started to reject the heart and she is in Childrens Hospital in Dallas now under going treatment with some pretty potent meds. She will be under close watch for the next several days to see if the meds are going to stop the rejection.
This is where we come in with our concentrated prayer for our Father to show mercy on her and heal her sick and tired body.
Pray for her mom and dad (Amanda and Jason) as they too need the strength of the Lord to see this procedure through.

The power of Prayer allows us to let go and let God have his way!!!!!
For anyone who would like to send cards, notes of encouragement, etc....the address is :isChildrens Medical Center
1935 Medical District Drive
Dallas Tx 75235
Attention Hannah Collie
CVICU rm203