Tuesday, July 7, 2009

PRAY FOR HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

She has a custom hospital gown on the way already, but.....

PLEASE keep this sweet angel in your prayers!

She is 4 years old and had a heart transplant two years ago.
Last week her body started to reject the heart and she is in Childrens Hospital in Dallas now under going treatment with some pretty potent meds. She will be under close watch for the next several days to see if the meds are going to stop the rejection.
This is where we come in with our concentrated prayer for our Father to show mercy on her and heal her sick and tired body.
Pray for her mom and dad (Amanda and Jason) as they too need the strength of the Lord to see this procedure through.

The power of Prayer allows us to let go and let God have his way!!!!!
For anyone who would like to send cards, notes of encouragement, etc....the address is :isChildrens Medical Center
1935 Medical District Drive
Dallas Tx 75235
Attention Hannah Collie
CVICU rm203


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