Friday, July 17, 2009

A new friend to Heartfelt Couture

Heartfelt Couture's newest friend is a wonderful lady that owns Bessie Mary in Highland Village, TX. She has THE CUTEST shop and donated 3 bolts of fabric to us and will let me buy wholesale through her or she will take me to Moda to buy wholesale from them. This woman is an answer to prayer. In Feb 2010 a new law states that anything made for children under 12 has to be lead tested. The law is very vague and confusing. But there are a few fabric designers that are compliant with the new law and Moda is one of them!!!!! Praise the Lord!!!! I am so excited you all have NO IDEA!! I am just giddy! It's all because of this woman with a heart of gold.

You must must must go to her website she has Fabulous gifts, and other amazing finds! She also sells fabric.

Heartfelt Couture has gone beyond any dreams Sharon or I had!!!
Love to all and God's Blessings,


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