Monday, October 12, 2009

A sweet email


Hello. My name is Kerri Fasano. I wanted to get this email out while I had a few free moments.My husband plays baseball for a team other than the Rangers.

I was able to get into contact with Rachel Eyre through a baseball website. And to make a long story short, she was able to, very quickly, I might add, sew me a hospital gown for my little 2 year old son who had open heart surgery on October 1st.

Let me tell you, I have never met Rachel and knowing baseball, I know it was the end of the season and she was heading back home, and just a busy time of year. I was taken aback that she was more than happy to get it done for me! What a sweet woman. I am amazed at the care and love you girls put into these gowns. It might not seem like much, but what you are making DOES make the hospital a bit more comfortable!

I can tell you, my son, many times, has asked for his "roar" (dinosaur gown). We are still here, hoping to go home in the next few days. I have washed the gown numerous times in the sink, and it can't dry fast enough for our little guy!!

It is very cute when the nurses come in and start talking to Santino about his dinosaurs and he gets this little proud, very cute :) grin on his face! The nurses love it, too.... they all talk about it, and I have even had other nurses not assigned his room come in to peak at it!Anyway, I am attaching a picture of him wearing it...and again, wearing it proudly!!

We were playing puppets that day, with hospital socks..hee hee.I have Rachel's email address on my home computer, but only have my laptop here in the hospital. Could you PLEASE forward this email and picture on to her?

I know I said thank you to her via email before, but I definitely wanted to say it atleast once again! And I also wanted her to know that it was the reason I smiled some days because of the expression on Santino's face when he was looking at all the colors and dinosaurs!! Please also, let her know that he sailed through surgery and had a very speedy and successful recovery... I know she was thinking and praying for him!Thank you very much... for all that all of you girls do :)Kerri Fasano
I want a million more stories like this to post on our blog. Please let us know about any child in the hospital. Heartfelt Couture was started to lift up these children. Yes it is something small but Kerri's story above proves that it makes a difference. Also tell us what the child is into dinosaurs, Star Wars, Care Bears and we will make a special purchase and find that fabric. It matters to us and it makes a difference to the child


Sharon said...

This letter brought tears to my eyes, Keri! I am so thankful for Rachel helping. This is just what I needed today! :) Sharon

The Eyre Family said...

I am completely humbled by this letter. I am loving that we are making a difference, one child at a time. I know God put me in this direction and I am forever grateful. ~Rachel

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