Monday, October 19, 2009

Heartfelt Couture Christmas Wish List

Many people ask me what can they do to help. So I decided to make out a Christmas List for 2009. Also if you have a talent that could be used to help out with any of these below please email Keri and we can figure something out.

Website-Right now the blog works but you have to scroll down to read everything and I would like for it to be simple to just click to read testimonies/about HFC/ways to give/donations. Things like that. We do own our domain name.

Labels for gowns-Due to the CPSIA law all gowns will have to be labeled. I have been using someone on Etsy and if you would like to just purchase them for us that would be fabulous.

Marketing materials-We need business cards, information cards, letter head etc. Also I am not a marketer my nature it's really a push for me. So if you are a good marketer than maybe emailing me ideas or ways to get the word out about HFC. If you want to just purchase these things for us I can also give you info and upload our designs and you can just pay for it.

Supplies-thread, velcro, interfacing, freezer paper. We go through a lot of these and you can just buy it and ship to me.

Fabric-This of course is the most important of all. We need 100% cotton fabric. In Feb of 2010 we will have to start using CPSIA certified fabrics. Moda, Michael Miller, and Amy Butler are all CPSIA certified fabrics. These fabrics are double in price from what is being bought now. If you would like to buy the fabric and have it shipped to me that is great. Or you can make a donation for the fabric. With the new fabrics it will cost between $10-$15 to make a small child's gown and $16-$20 to make a large child's gowns. A small takes 1 yard and a large takes 2 yards. Please know that none of the fabric is wasted I save all the scrapes and make name pillows out of them. My house is 1500 square feet and is filled with scraps of fabric.

Time-You can do a cutting night with your family, friends, woman group, or church group. If you are doing the cutting night before Feb 2010 you can use fabric from Hobby Lobby or JoAnn's. But after Feb 2010 please use the fabrics listed in the above fabrics. You can also email me and I have all the specifics. This would also be an amazing project for teenagers. A great way to have them give there time. All they need is some fabric and scissors. My girls are almost 4 are already know about the hospital gowns and what they are for.

Fundraising-This is the part that is the hardest for me and I pay a lot out of pocket because this is so hard. We do need funds for shipping to different children, batting for name pillows, and other supplies. Also paying lawyers to make sure we are complying with the laws of the IRS. If you have a talent that you would like to use to help us raise money that would be amazing. An example is Poppylane photography. Megan uses her talents to help us with the IRS non-profit fee.

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