Monday, February 21, 2011

Introducing Heartfelt Couture's Board of Directors

Heartfelt Couture has had this group of ladies on the board for over a year and a half, but I thought it was HIGH time you were able to see this beautiful ladies!

Poppylane Photography* took these amazing photos. It was such a fun time and I cherish each and every one of these beautiful gals! These ladies love to laugh and joke around, so it was amazing that Megan was able to capture that time! All these women are hard workers, have a heart for Jesus, and are truly beautiful women inside and out! Megan even said on the phone after the photosession, "Those are a really great bunch of girls." I COMPLETELY AGREE! Everyone of them would go to bat for me or Heartfelt Couture.

All of us are mothers and know that making a child smile is the most priceless gift in the world! They are all dedicated to making your child's stay in the hospital a little more FABULOUS!

*special thanks to Poppylane Photography! In 2010, Poppylane Photography donated $400 from her Heartfelt Couture photosession package.


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