Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year

Last year proved to be the best year for Heartfelt Couture. We shipped out more hospital gowns and prayer pillows this year than in both years combined. We received an amazing amount of donations this year. Which will all be used to provide even more gowns and pillows across the country. From North Carolina to Indiana, children are being blessed because the community is coming together,to help support Heartfelt Couture. The picture above is an AMAZING small group from Compass Christian Church in Colleyville. They all came together and blessed Heartfelt Couture with an amazing gift. It's people like this that make Heartfelt Couture possible. From individuals, companies, and photographers, I would like to thank everyone that gave a donation in 2010. I am so proud that people are believing in this ministry. I know Heartfelt Couture will only continue to grow because of you!

The New Year will bring some new faces to Heartfelt Couture. The board of directors will be more involved and HC will no longer we a solo effort on my part. I am super excited for a little help! I have been running on fumes and God is giving me the help I need. I was only able to do 2 gown deliveries to Cooks Children's Hospital in 2010. But I am hoping that in 2011 I will be able to do 2 at Cooks Children's Hospital and 2 at Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital. Having help will make this possible.

Here at Heartfelt Couture we hope you have a Happy New Year!



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