Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our sample is finished

I finished the first hospital gown last night!! It is going to be easier than I expected which is BLOWING MY MIND! Our deadline to have 40 finished is December 1st and I think we are going to have them finished in 2 weeks! God is good! Now this is a sample so it is not perfect but it is a starting place and the fabric is not as fabulous as I am going to do, but you get the picture. I am thinking ruffles for girls!

For those of you who are helping we are going to have a "Cutting out the Fabric Night" at my church Compass Christian Church at Highland Meadows in Colleyville soon. Date TBA. This should really help with getting them finished early. One of my really good friends just bought a sewing machine, is going to learn to sew so she can help! What an amazing Godly woman! I am going to include more stories like those because I believe God works in amazing ways and you never know how he is going to use you!
Also, I am not a photographer like Sharon so my pictures will always look just plain sad. But you get the jist of what it is!
We are going to need around 20 yards of fabric for the boys size med/large, 10 yards of fabric for the boys size small. We need 20 yards of fabric for the girls size med/large, and 10 yards of fabric for the girls size small. I need all of this by next week because I will need to wash and dry all of the fabric before cutting night. Pray that some how we will get the funding.


Dana said...

Girl (that's your influence Keri!) I think it's real cute! The picture is inspiring my creative juices!

Sharon said...

Keri, I am so impressed! I think we are going to have such beautiful hospital gowns!!! Thank you for the hard work you are doing! I am so thankful we met! Sharon

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