Thursday, October 30, 2008

Keri's Working OVERTIME!

Let's give the girl some LOVE!!! She would kill me for posting this but I just want everyone to know what an awesome lady Keri Abshier is! Since a little over a week ago when this all came about, she has been getting donations, gotten us a discount at Hobby Lobby for our fabric, gotten a tax exempt number, called the IRS about getting set up for a non-profit organization, set up a sewing party at her church, made numerous phone calls and took care of 2 sick little girls!!!!!!!!!!!! (and I'm sure I'm leaving SOMETHING out like laundry, cooking, shopping, etc.!)

Let's give the girl a hand!

I am so thankful for her and all of the hard work she's done! We still haven't gotten to "meet" yet but I can't wait to hug her for her hard work, determination and awesomely sweet attitude!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Keri!

We are so thankful for anyone who is and has given us donations of any kind! We are so excited that 35 wishes are going to come true! Please spread the word and we'd love to get more and more people involved! We have planted a seed and now we want to see it grow!!!!

Please email us if you are willing to donate anything we may be able to use...including cash or Hobby Lobby Gift Cards. We can always use those for more fabric!

Love to all!



Anonymous said...

It's not me by a long shot. God has put this all into place! He is just using me, the most unlikely of unlikely.

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