Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prayer pillows

I made 2 prayer pillows today for some very special boys. One is for a 12 year old boy named Austin. He was in a dirt bike accident. He lacerated his spleen, kidney, and pancreas. He loves Texas Tech so OF course I bought Texas Tech fabric.

The other pillow is for Skyler. To learn more about Skyler please read his blog His story will bring tears to your eyes. He loves Superman. I already sent him a VERY cool hospital gown, but wanted to make him a extra cool prayer pillow.
Before I ship each prayer pillow and hospital gown, I pray over the gowns or my girls, husband and I pray over the gowns. We pray for strength for the child, peace for the family, and for the families to feel God's love. I also, pray for the families to feel the hope that is in Jesus Christ.


Jen Beckstrand said...

Skyler is my little nephew, I cried when I read your post, and I just have to thank you for the prayers, the love, the service, it is all so appreciated and makes my heart full. We are ALL grateful. Thank you for helping us fight this battle.

Keri Abshier said...

Skyler and Crystal have touched my heart and the hearts of many others! Please know they're are MANY people praying for them both!

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