Sunday, October 10, 2010


A couple of weeks ago I recieved an email from a mom named Keri(She has a fabulous name). Keri wanted to make her daughter, Becca, a gown herself and had some questions for me. Becca is 5 and has Epilepsy. I just had to make a prayer pillow for this sweet girl! Here is what Keri said about the pillow.

That pillow really was the perfect size for her(Becca). All that stuff for the EEG leads made her head control a little off in the bed, so I was able to either use it as a neck pillow, or prop it up behind her. Or-at times it even helped me when I was co-sleeping with her-to give my arm a place to rest when she was using MY ARM as her pillow!

The pillow got compliments from so many staff! Thank you sooo much for getting it to us so quickly! Keri K

Let me just say that all my pillow are different sizes. They are as big or as small as the name is. What I find amazing is that God knew EXACTLY how big it needed to be for Becca's sweet head! It could have been too big or too small but it was JUST right!! Only God could have known that!


Keri Abshier


~Rachel said...

What a great letter! God is amazing!

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