Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New Website

Heartfelt Couture now has a website! After almost 2 years of prayer, God anwered them in the form of my husband. He got a book on web design on Sunday and had a website up by the next Saturday. It may not be the most fancy website, but it was FREE! You can go to and check it out. We will be updating it slowly.

We also have links on the site to our "friends". Poppylane Photography offers a package year round that gives 1/3 of the proceeds to Heartfelt Couture. At Christmas she runs a special package that also includes a free Custom made Christmas card. Megan is a precious, kind, and generous person. And she takes the most amazing pictures!

The other link is Up in the Eyre Custom Children's clothing. Rachel Eyre is the owner of the shop. She makes and sends out gowns to children all over the country with her own money. Her clothing is fantastic! She is an amazing, creative and kind-hearted woman!

I am so proud of Heartfelt Couture and the lives it is changing. I hope we plant hundreds of mustard seeds in the hearts of these amazing children. Showing someone unexpected kindness and generosity can go a LONG way!

Keri Abshier


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