Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another hospital gown delivery

An amazing women's group in Wichita Falls, TX is busy working on 20 gowns to deliver to Cook Children's hospital in downtown Fort Worth. The women have been working tirelessly to get these gowns ready for these amazing children. Jennifer received a gown from us for her son and wanted to do 20 gowns on her own. This touches my heart because she cares so much. Thank you to all the ladies that have helped out. This ministry could not survive without women like you. We will post pictures from the delivery soon.

Also if you are part of a women's group or really any type of group that would like to do the same thing as Jennifer and you live in the DFW area I would love to come talk to your group or give you the information on doing a gown delivery if you are not local.



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