Thursday, April 9, 2009

Delivery Scheduled

Our next delivery date for Medical City Dallas Children's Hospital is set for April 11th. I will be taking 31 gowns to special children at this hospital for Easter. We have had countless help through this last month. Thank you all for your hard work. I know each of these gowns has been prayed over many, many times over.

Also, I am selling on my website a name pillow. When you buy a pillow you are also paying for a hospital gown for a child in the hospital. No profit will be made from the sell of these pillow. Whatever money I have leftover will also, go to make a name pillow for a child in the hospital. I will be using the scraps from the gowns. Each pillow will be a different size due to the length of the name. It is super cute and would make a great gift!

Please also, pray for Sharon's daughter Sarah. She is having some medical issues. Pray for this sweet girl with a tremendous heart.


jewliepetwlie said...

I would like to know where I could buy some of these cute hospital gowns. My little niece was diagnosed with an extremly rare brain cancer and she wants princess gowns while she is in the hospital and I can't seem to find any cute patterns or gowns to make or buy for her.
my email is

Thanks so much,
Julie Shatswell

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